Friday, December 5, 2008

November 17-23

This blog has already served its purpose. I have turned here to scroll through previous weeks in order to make this weeks menu.
Here's the menu from two weeks ago...I got a little behind in posting. At least I kept up with the cooking!

Shawn's special was rice and beans. A simple, somewhat bland recipe made in hopes of pleasing my overly picky tummy, as of late. The enchilada pie didn't happen because it was too spicy, so we ended up having leftovers.
I love spicy food but lately it has been hurting me really badly, so we've had to make a few adjustments to our menu. We are trying to focus on lower-fat meals with milder spices and lots of veggies. Except the homemade pizza of course, it's our favorite.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Perfection in a cookie

Mom...this one's for you. After years spent searching for a great oatmeal cookie recipe that is soft and chewy even after it cools...and the whole time it was right in front of my face! On the bottom of the lid for the Quaker Oats canisters there is a recipe for Vanishing Raisin Oatmeal Cookies. I simply switched the raisins with semi-sweet chocolate chips and there you have it. The world's best chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Easy Sheperd's Pie

I grabbed this super quick recipe from a RealSimple magazine (Oct 2007). It looked like a really easy dish that definitely falls into the comfort food category. We really enjoyed this and it would be easy to make last minute if I change my mind on something. We'll definitely be having this again.
This picture is of the meat and veggie mix before you top it off with mashed potatoes. I think next time I'll replace the carrots and green beans with fresh.
Here is the recipe on the RealSimple site.

Nov 10-16

I do have a picture for this weeks menu...and yes...I'm feeling much better!
So far this week we have followed the menu every day. Except for last night when I made a mistake. I made the tortellini and we sat down to eat it, but it was a little on the stale side so we ended up eating leftover Shepherd's pie. Both the Shepherd's pie and the Potato and Leek flatbread were new recipes so I'll be posting recipes and pics of those soon.

Nov 3-9

I don't have a picture of my fun menu board for this week. Not because I forgot to take one but because I never did a board this week! This was a week of plain survival as I had a terrible cold. Which also means lots of comfort foods :)
Monday...I can't remember what we ate this night!
Tuesday - Burritos
Wednesday - Grilled Cheese and Soup (Thanks Justin for cooking!)
Thursday - Perogies
Friday - KD (Macaroni and Cheese, KD is what us Canadians call it. Stands for Kraft Dinner)
Saturday - Culver's
Sunday - Leftovers

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oct 27-Nov 2

You may think that I had forgotten to update this little blog...well I hadn't. We've been in Canada for two weeks and so I didn't have to plan any meals! However, I do have a menu board done up for this current week.
We started off the week with a meager attempt at a real least it wasn't take out. Tuesday's chili was thawed from our freezer, I'm going to post the recipe for this's amazing.
On Thursday I didn't feel like make Ritz Cracker Chicken so I decided to do homemade pizza. That didn't go well. I realized after taking the dough out that I hadn't put the mixer thingy in the breadmaker properly. So we ended up with takeout. It had been a LONG day. And tonight, my special ended up being the ritz cracker chicken. It was yummy. I wonder what Shawn will make tomorrow?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Angel Hair Pasta Chicken

This was a super easy, quick recipe. It's pretty healthy and tasted great!
I needed to use up some chicken so I searched on Here's the link to the recipe. I followed the recipe except that I used whole wheat angel hair pasta instead of regular.

Disclaimer: I am working on improving the quality of my pictures! I never realized how difficult it was to take good pictures of food, especially under less than optimal lighting.